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    Question Cork Flooring questions


    I am installing cork flooring in my kitchen. Currently, there is a vinyl sheet flooring in the kitchen. Which would be the best course of action:

    Leave the vinyl sheeting in place in lieu of vapor barrier?


    Remove the vinyl sheeting, clean the concrete, and put down a vapor barrier?

    Also, if I install a vapor barrier, (which I really think is necessary) what varieties are there?

    Is there a type that you roll on with a paint roller?

    I have seen the rolls of vapor barrier in stores. Which would work best? the painted on vapor barrier or the roll of vapor barrier?

    Thanks, in advance, for your help.

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    Default Re: Cork Flooring questions


    What does your cork flooring manufacturer want? Their specifications trumps all.

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    Default Re: Cork Flooring questions

    As Houston said, the manufacturer's recommendations are what you need to follow, up to and including using their proprietary vapor barrier, even though it will be the same 6 mill plastic sheathing you can buy for much less at any hardware store.

    Having said that, I would leave the vinyl in place, as long as it's not going to cause any transitional issues, meaning if vinyl only exists in one area where the cork will be laid and not all areas, there will be a noticeable difference in the finished floor at those transition areas. You have two options here, either remove all the vinyl, or fill in the bare areas with new vinyl before laying the floor. Even though the vinyl will act as a VB, still follow the manufacturer's recommendations and install an additional VB over the top of the vinyl.
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    Default Re: Cork Flooring questions

    Is your current floor 1 piece linoleum or vinyl squares?

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