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    Default What type of metal to use for framing duct work??

    I have two questions. First is, I'm finishing my basement which has 3 walls under ground and 4th wall completely above ground. No water leaks. If I insulate the 3 walls that are under ground would I lose the natural cooling efect that I now enjoy?

    second question, The heating / ac ducts run along 2 basement walls (front and back) that are under ground. I want to box those ducts in, but don't want to use a wood frame. Is there a type of metal that I can use to make the frame work to box in those ducts that dry wall screws will pentrate and hold? I'm asking about useing metal because seems to me that constucting the frame work would be a lot quicker and lighter and need less space. Thank you in advance for your time Dave Murray Sr.
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    Default Re: Type of metal to use for framing duct work

    1. Most likely yes.

    2. Use metal studs: they're easy to cut, install and drywall goes on them with no difficulties.

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