I live in New England and will be painting my house soon, but first need to replace rotted and split clapboard; I'll use pre-primed red cedar.

I'll need ~850 linear feet which will cost $500+ dependent on where I buy it. I know there are different grades of clapboard so a few questions on where to buy it.

- Home Depot or Lowes charge $0.625 a linear foot. Local lumber yards charge ~$0.79 a linear foot. From a quality perspective, is there any reason to pay more at a local lumber yard? For example, will the Home Depot or Lowes one tend to curl up along its length or not last as long for some reason?

- I might need to mix bundles from a few places to get the quantity I need. Is there any issue with doing this?

- For boards that will be cut, what primer is best for the now unprimed cut end? The house will be stained, so I do not want to use caulking on the ends.