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    Default to insulate or not to insulate

    My Southern Ontario home was built in the 50's at the time of lat and plaster. there is no insulation in any of the walls of the old part of the house. If the bathroom is getting renovated would it be a waste of insulation to just insulate that part of the wall?

    I am getting told it that is a waste and it just doesn't make sense to me.
    whenever my dad had the opportuntiy to get insultation anywhere he did it and that drafty old house wwe use to live in was eventually warm.

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    Default Re: to insulate or not to insulate

    You have the wall open and it doesn't add much to the cost of the product to insulate it now. If you decide to insulate the rest of the house later, this is one area you won't have to tear apart to do then.

    Insulation only works as a complete system. You won't see any results from this insulation job, but it is still worth doing, especially if you have future projects in mind.

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    Default Re: to insulate or not to insulate

    exactly....whenever the opportunity presents itself, it's ALWAYS worth it to add insulation for temperature control or sound.

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