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    Default No power to Dishwasher

    Went to use my dishwasher this morning and noticed I had no power to the unit. I checked the CB panel and resent the breaker (it was not popped) I then reset the GFI in the kitchen no luck, checked the outlet, and the disposal which is also plugged into that outlet works fine. It appears the issue is with the dishwasher and not with power coming in to the unit. I am thinking circuit board. Does anyone have any other ideas or items I can check? Unit is a Kitchen Aide and about 7 years old.


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    Default Re: No power to Dishwasher

    If there is power to the dishwasher, then I'd look at the circuit board too. However, more accurate diagnosis is needed.

    Here's the dilema: 1. If you DIY, there will be the cost of the board. And what if the DW is still not working? 2. If you call for service, it will cost you so much that you would say: "For this money, I could have replaced the unit!". So, it's your call.

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    Default Re: No power to Dishwasher

    Plug the GD into the outlet where the DW is plugged into. A good electrician will run a 12/3 wire to the same outlet servicing both the GD and DW, but it will be on 2 circuits. You'll know this for sure if tripping the breaker stops the GD as well. If the DW is on its own breaker, you must check the DW outlet separately from the GD.

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