I am about to retire. So when I note that funds become limited just look at the housing market. My current home is about 150K less then we built it for. But
I want to retire to AZ where I can take advantage of a couple of things, the Sun being one and Geothermal being another. I am looking at trying to build as green a home as possible and need to discover what I should look for in an all Solar Home, I also want to work with Geothermal, but having watched a very old TOH with a boiler from Germany i have been sold on that as a source for heating the floors in the house. So I know this is a start to finish question, but it should be one many people need to look at with costs going all over the map. So and directions will be helpful, and I mean start to finish help would be appreciated.
I want to control a lot of this myself, but I have MS and at times it limits my abilities more than my desires. So this house will be something that my wife will be spending more time in than I will if you get the drift. Thanks again for reading thru all of this