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    Default Splotchy stain on new wood

    I have been remodeling my house and refinishing all the woodwork along the way. I put in a couple new windows and a matching mantle and used the same material as the old woodwork (clear hemlock) and the same stain I have been using (Minwax ****en Oak) but FORGOT that all my old woodwork was "pre-sealed". Now my new frames are way too dark AND the wood putty (Dap Plastic Wood) has created islands that will not take stain (in spite of the claims on the label). I tried to sand it down but all I got was a lighter version of the splotchy finish. How can I even this out? The dark is not as bad as the splotchy. I was going to fake-grain the light spots with a dry-brush technique but decided the whole thing needs be lightened first.
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