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    Default converting an old fire place to gas

    hi, im in the process of redoing a room in my house which contains an old fireplace that is no longer in use and i was wondering if it would be a relatively easy task to convert it to a gas fireplace. near the fire place i noticed a pipe coming up through the floor which i assumed to be a gas pipe but i dont understand why it would be there

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    Default Re: converting an old fire place to gas

    Extending a gas line is a job for a pro, it also must be inspected, pressure tested and signed off by the building dept.

    We have no idea what the pipe you found there was for. Let me suggest you contact a plumber to find out for you.

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    Default Re: converting an old fire place to gas

    It is quite possible that it is a gas line. Older houses commonly had gas mantel heaters. You should however have the line and chimney inspected by a pro.

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