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    We are completing a recent bathroom renovation. I need to paint the doors and trim. Should they be the same color, or is it OK to use a different color. I am using different shades from the same color strip. The walls are 3rd down on the strip, the trim is 1st on the color strip. I would use the 2nd down on the color strip for the doors if I don't paint them the same as the trim. Thanks!

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    Sounds good to me. Plz send pictures.

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    I'd think you would want the shades to be the same if it's in the same color family. IE: If you had light tan trim and dark tan door, it might look strange. But if you have your door in a completely different (but complimentary) color it could come out alright.

    You might consider finding a color wheel to see what shades are complimentary to your idea.

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    Have you tried a paint color program on your home pc? If you're fixing to sell you'll want to paint the same or nearly same color on doors & trim. If you're a lifer, then jazz it up and do whatever YOU like. If you switch out colors either use painter's tape or a HIGH quality brush to not have any oops of color off the brush. have fun

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