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    How doe I get rid of nut sedge which is invading my lawn? I live in upstate NY, if that has any bearing on the problem. Thanks.

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    Nut sedge spreads by root and seed. The root is a very thin rhizome and if any if left behind, it will sprout a new plant. If it is invading your lawn, that means you have neighbors who have this and maybe are not doing anything about it. If that is the case, You will have a struggle indeed.

    Always mow it before it can form a seed head, that may mean mowing twice a week. You can pull it up by hand but it will keep coming back. If you pull every last blade that comes up everyday, eventually you will bleed all the energy from the rhizomes and it will die, until new seed blows in that is.

    You can use a specialized herbicide made for Nut Sedge that may not do as much harm to the rest of the lawn, but I've only used that once because it didn't work for me. Round Up works, but you have to keep constantly spraying it as it seems to come back in a few days. Unfortunately the Round Up is not kind to the grass around the Nut Sedge.

    I keep my lawn mowed to keep the seeds down and hand pull the stuff in my gardens. It's a constant battle. I live out in the country so seeds are always blowing in. I don't expect to ever win this war. Good luck to you.

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    There are some nutsedge killing products. The seem to keep changing names & maybe formulations. Kind of expensive I thought too. More than one application may be needed. Bonide recently came out with one. I don't know the name.

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