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    Default Recess Lighting, Pulling Wire & Joist

    In my main level, I have a 12-ft long hallway & common area run with 1 overhead light fixture. I would like to add a recess fixture as spot lighting for a (dark) closet in the hallway.

    I would pull wire from the existing overhead fixture, but am deterred by not knowing how the overhead joists line up, either parallel to the hall or perpindicular.
    Just for a spot light, I will not drill holes through several joists if they are perpindicular or open plaster board to pull 4 feet of wire to where I want the recess fixture.
    My 2nd floor is a "cape cod" style where the finished 2nd fl. is part of the attic (w/ dormers).

    The house is 55 x 35 and the hallway parallels the (short) 35' sides. Given the 35' span, how would you expect the joists to run ?? Would you expect joists to run parallel to the 35' side, and attach to a header over a door? The house is 1964, plaster boards and the main level has 9 ft ceiling.

    You can tell I've never done framing or know much about bare-bones construction.
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