I am currently restoring a 120 year old farmhouse and have hit an issue in the living room. We have currently replaced almost the entire foundation and sills that the house sits upon (Balloon Framing), correcting a lot of unevenness with jacking. However, when remodeling the living room we found that there is a permanent set to one of the joists where it drops approximately an inch in the front of the house over 6 feet along one wall and slowly goes down that far over 12 feet from the back of the house. The stair well sits upon this joist and we have reinforced with an extra pier under the center of the stairs but it seems the far corner of the house that slopes down to this joist is sitting high.

Due to the fact that jacking and dropping one whole side of the house is out of the question, are their any ideas as to flooring options other than carpet over this slope. I do not mind it in any way except for the fact that almost every flooring option I look into says that it cannot handle this much slope. I have also looking into the self leveling floor and such but it would be over original hardwood and asphalt tiles that were put down years ago and I am not sure how the house would respond to the extra weight.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.