I recently inherited an old desk from my grandparents (at least 50 years old, maybe more). I am in the process of tightening screws, reinforcing the backboard, and just giving it a good cleaning. However, I am hoping to make some modifications to allow the desk to accommodate modern electrical equipment (i.e. a computer or similar object). Ideally, I would like to turn one of the drawers into a shelf, while still keeping the look of the original desk.

This would require cutting one of the drawers and installing hinges. The drawer is 4-1/2 inches high and roughly 34 inches wide. Due to the width, I would prefer to install hinges on the bottom and have the drawer face swing down to access the items on the shelf. My main concern with this idea is the shape of the drawer face. As you can see in the picture below, the desk has a wave/curved design. My question is, would the drawer be able to swing down if I installed a hinge on each arc of the drawer face?

I am thinking it should be okay, but I would prefer other input as I am definitely not an expert in this area. Not sure if the curved surface would prevent it from fitting into the opening when closing the door. Also, the drawer has a dovetail joint that I don't think I am able to delicately separate, so I want to be safe before making such a huge alteration.

Thank you for any input!