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    Default polyurea garage floor coating

    Has anyone had any experience using polyurea garage floor coating? Is it better or just different from epoxy? Thanks

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    Default Re: polyurea garage floor coating

    If you are comparing a one part polyurethane floor paint to the two part catalyzed epoxy systems, the two part epoxies are tougher, especially when holding up to "hot tires". The epoxy will hold up to petroleum distilates, such as gas, oil, brake fluid, dripping on them. Your tires are also made from petroleum.

    I have used both and have found the epoxy superior. Also, be careful about putting down a high gloss polyurethane. They are hazardous when wet, or in my case, covered with a fine layer of dust from my table saw. I slipped and fell so quickly I did not even have time to put my arms out!

    The most important thing for the long term duration of either is the proper preparation of the slick concrete. The pros will often grind the surface with a machine using diamond stones. Acid can also be used to etch and clean the surface.

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