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    Default Shorten 1920s cabinetry?

    We just bought a 1926 cottage. The tiny kitchen seems to be original-no dishwasher, no disposal, and so on. The cabinets are original and built to last. I'd hate to tear them out, but they are so low even the coffee maker won't fit on the counter. The base cabinets are also very shallow (21.5".) which means no workable counter space. I'm wondering if it's possible to cut the wall cabinets shorter (without removing from the wall-which would likely take a sledgehammer.). I'd also like to extend the base cabinets out further to accomodate a dishwasher and a deeper countertop. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Shorten 1920s cabinetry?

    I, personally, would not attempt to shorten upper cabinets while still on the wall, you need clean, straight cuts to piece them back together, and you can't get them with the restriction of the wall being in the way.

    The lower cabinets can be separated from the wall, moved out and either raised off the floor or a "shim" built and placed on top of them to raise the counter top.
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    Default Re: Shorten 1920s cabinetry?

    1. Don't mess with the wall cabinets. If you touch them, you'll have to replace them ALL.

    2. If you need some extra working space, why not get a small island on wheels? No space? you roll it in when you need to work, and roll it out to a storage place when you're done.

    3. Extending the base cabinets: It's unlikely you can find a matching cabinet, unless you order a custom cabinet from a shop. This can be done. If you have the space you can add a dishwasher (remember, a DW must be close to the sink and drain) and a disposal.

    4. About the coffee maker: see if you can find one with a lower profile. OR, frequent Starbucks...

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