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    Question Douglas fir deck and porch

    I have just replaced a Doug fir tongue $ groove entry porch with same. How soon should I "preserve it? The mill finish has been sanded but I see lots of recommendations to let it weather. Since its the entry way, this means a great deal of dirt will be introduced in the weather process over next few months, that will then require a deeper cleaning.

    If we stain now ( looking at semi transparent from Cabot, but may go with Defy Extreme or TWP1500, via mail order) do we need to clean and brighten the wood as well even though it's new wood?

    Please comment on the 3 products mentioned for southwest facing and plant proximity as we have some shade.

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    Default Re: Douglas fir deck and porch

    Always paint the bottom side and tongues & grooves before installation. Then after install, sand (as you did) and paint immediately. This is the only way to get the wood moisture-impervious.
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    Default Re: Douglas fir deck and porch

    I would not wait too much longer to do the stain, plus it will dry much faster in the summer as oppose to the fall. I have D fir on my front porch and put a coat of Cabot semi as well - Acorn was the color. However it did not look very nice since the wood is light in color and the stain was a light tan. I went over it with the solid stain - same color and looks significantly better.

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