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    We did a complete remodel of our bathroom last year in black and white tile. It was love at first sight, but it didn't last. Within a month, the pristine white grout was gray. Because it's our only bathroom, we thought maybe we hadn't gotten it sealed soon enough or well enough, so we removed the grout and redid it with the kind that has the sealant already in it. This time, it looked like cement from the start. I was very disappointed. We did find a bottle of dye for grout that we tested in a corner and it did whiten it up, but again, it only stayed for a couple of weeks. What was my favorite remodel is now making me crazy. Can anyone suggest what I can do to keep my beautiful white bathroom white?

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    Whenever a customer asks for white grout I do my best to talk them out of it. White grout never stays white. Normally we recommend grout in whatever color the dirt is in the back yard.

    The best chance you have is to use an Epoxy grout such as Spectralock or a urethane grout such as TruColor. You'll still have to clean the floor but the color will not change.

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