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    Question pipes

    my water is real slow in all areas of the house inside and out. i have had to replace faucets and still no pressure and I have a lot of red that builds up comes out when u turn the water on. What can I do without a lot of money?

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    Can you tell us if your pipes are silver in color?

    Do you know how old they are? 30 years old perhaps?

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    It looks to me like it's the right time to repipe.

    The 'red' is probably rust. The low pressure is probably the result of corrosion built up inside the pipes. The old pipes are most likely galvanized, and they must go. The situation cannot be reverse.

    Now, you have options: you can install type L copper (most expensive), type M copper (less expensive), PEX or CPVC (less expensive).

    Get bids from at least 3-4 plumbers who do nothing but repipe.

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    Sounds like you live in an area that has a ton of Iron or your pipes are on there last leg without a whole lot of money well I guess you could just keep clearing aerators, cartridges and do it every month or week or so.

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    I agree with Jim you probably have a lot of iron built up again no solution, but if you do replace pipes make sure you have the plumber perform an iron test on your water any more than 2ppml iron you should install an iron curtian (iron filter) however this is not a cheap fix!!!

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