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    Default insulating the ceiling of a porch

    I am converting a summer cottage into a year round home. We are moving the kitchen onto an old porch that has been enclosed. The ceiling is not very tall so we cannot afford to lose much space. How do we insulate the ceiling and still leave room for air flow. It is in upstate NY and it gets significant snow and cold weather.

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    Default Re: insulating the ceiling of a porch

    Howdy a photo would help. Is there an access hole in the ceiling? If not i would cut one in between the ceiling joists near the house to see how much room is available for blowing in insulation. Otherwise you could install insulation foam boards to the ceiling and then drywall the ceiling. The insulation foam comes in a variety of R values and thicknesses.

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    Default Re: insulating the ceiling of a porch

    Another option for access if venting needs to be added would be to cut the hole for the roof vent being installed and blow insulation in before installing the vent. I would go with an access though if no additional venting is needed, or if access to wiring may be needed. Go with a value of R-38 for your area.

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