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    I am installing a Shower stall and am trying to get the shower drain in the floor level. One end is always slightly kicked up because of the pitch of the original drain pipe. How do I make this drain flush so I can get the shower base level?

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    What are your pipe made from?

    What type of drain are you fixin to install?

    What is your waterproofing method of choice?

    You'll fare well by heading on over to the John Bridge Tile Forum. There you can read the extensive 'liberry', post pictures and get speedy answers from a bunch of smart and helpful folks.

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    Vertical drain must be plumbed, therefore you need to adjust the trap and any of the other component of the drain system to be able to achieve what you want.

    Can't do it? get a plumber to do it for you. It can be done.

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    all depends on the drain your installing most people use the adjustable ones.

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