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    Question drywall paper peeling how to ready for skim coat

    I just removed panel board that was glued to drywall and the glue is still on the paper. so when I try to sc**** off the glue it frays the paper. I have tried peeling of the loose edges but is taking forever. Should i try to sand off old glue? What about useing a wet sanding sponge on paper. The drywall was never painted before the panel board was glued to it. I want to be able to just skim coat the drywall and then paint. I don't want to replace drywall because then I would have to tape cieling joint and the stippling would never match.

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    Default Re: drywall paper peeling how to ready for skim coat


    The way I always handle this situation was to cut around the dabs of glue with a sharp utility knife.
    You want to cut through the white outer paper on the drywall. You then peel off the drywall paper, leaving the brown, pulpy underlying paper. Try to sand this to remove any loose paper. Now prime the brown paper with a quick dry oil primer such as Kilz or CoverStain. This will set the brown paper so that patching with water based drywall compound will not raise the grain of the paper.

    It will take a couple coats of compound followed by sanding with a sanding block. You can then spot prime the patches. After dry, a general priming of the whole wall is advisable to avoid any "flashing" spots in the finish coat of paint. You can also tint your primer toward the finish color.

    Use a higher grade acrylic primer (not just PVA drywall primer) and you will get by with just one primer coat and one finish coat. If your finish coat is a higher sheen semi-gloss, it might be necceassy to do two finish coats to get a uniform sheen.

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    Default Re: drywall paper peeling how to ready for skim coat

    What Ord said about cutting the globs out with a razor and lifting them off.

    Zinsser makes a product to go over torn, shredded, and generally ugly drywall. The product is called Gardz. Put that on to seal the crumbly drywall as well before painting, priming, sanding....
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