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    Default What Period/Type Architecture is this?

    House I am going to view/purchase/restore...

    Traced it back to at least 1824 at the local historical society. front porch/balcony is wrought iron from new orleans, early 1800's. the home is located in central kentucky

    can't place it with the porch...thought to be either Georgian or Federal...both designs? french design with the balcony/porch?

    thank you

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    Default Re: What Period/Type Architecture is this?

    I would guess Federal style and would question your date on the wrought iron. It would sure be a beauty when its done.
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    Default Re: What Period/Type Architecture is this?

    Well, I have a photograph from the 1860's of the original(again 1824, being the earliest record)owner standing in front and the porch is there...could have been added, but by close examination I have found evidence that it was original.

    I have been unsucessful in finding federal styles with that large of a porch on the front.

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    Default Re: What period/type of architecture (house style) is this?

    Is this house in Versailles, Ky? If it is Im not too far as I live accross from the hospital on Amsden Avenue. Small world!


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