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    Unhappy Roofing help

    I will not pretend to to know anything about roofing so please bear with me.

    I noticed one of the gutters was loose so went up to check it out. After lifting up the shingles a little I noticed a gap between the plywood and the edge of the roof. The gap is large enough that I can stick my hand straight into the attic. There are also some mouse droppings at the opening.
    Looking around the roof in some places there is a metal edge (drip edge?) that comes down off the roof and to the gutters. Other places it's just the shingles that are covering this opening.

    I'm getting conflicting answers as to whether this is an issue.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    I do have a picture but can't link it as I don't have enough posts yet.

    David Lucas
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