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    Talking stripped hex screw on door handle


    wondering if anyone can help. i was trying to tighten the door handle but used an electric drill and stripped the hex screw. The screw is located in a hard to reach place (between the handle and the door itself). Door knob is still loose and i feel like it's unsafe (it's the entrance door). Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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    Default Re: stripped hex screw on door handle

    You might try an easy out and replace the screw, you can get them from most hardware and big box stores.

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    Default Re: stripped hex screw on door handle

    If the door handle is loose, that means you can slip a hacksaw blade in between the screw head and the escutheon, and cut the screw. Once the handle is off, use a pair of pliers to get the rest of the screw out.

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    Default Re: stripped hex screw on door handle

    Since a hex screw is mentioned, I think the poster may be talking about a locking screw that keeps a handle on, although if I am incorrect, the fix would still work in either case. If the screw is stripped, you may be able to use a small drill bit to drill through whats left of the screw. If this works, you might be able to find a similar thread screw from a hardware store but it may be tricky.

    If you're not comfortable with that the only other option may be to use a hacksaw to cut off the handle as mentioned and replace it with a new one.
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