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    Default working with walnut

    i am going to make a gun rack out of walnut, using primarily brass hardware. is there anything in particular that i should not use (plain steel nails or galvanized fasteners) ?
    i am also thinking of using the "gorilla glue" that dries dark.
    any other tips, tricks, or advice?


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    Default Re: working with walnut

    Walnut is a hard wood, similar to oak, so you'll have to pre-drill any screw holes. I am not aware of any fastener problems, so typical fasteners should suffice, save for the decorative stuff which I'd keep brass like the other hardware.

    Tip: frequently brass screws and other hardware doesn't have a showroom shine to it. You can polish it right up with Brasso or similar polishing product. Once shined to your liking, you can car wax it or spray a clear coat over it to keep it that way.

    Regular wood glue will be sufficient, just keep a wet rag handy during glue-up to wipe down any excess that squeezes out of joints. Keep it wiped up and you'll be fine.
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    Default Re: working with walnut

    Walnut is open grain so you will need grain filler before finishing. I would use regular wood glue rather than Gorilla glue which expands and can push parts apart.

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