Looking at buying a 1932 Dutch Colonial 2-story that is currently an upstairs/downstairs duplex. I'd want to convert it back to single family. The downstairs is in great shape (aside from a little kitchen remodel), but the upstairs would need some reconfiguring of rooms to make it the 4 bedroom and 1 full bath my family would need. It has the space for it, and it's structurally sound, but there would be walls removed and replaced, kitchen tear-out, bathroom remodel, etc. We'd have a $30k reno budget. Do you think that would be enough? I'm having a hard time getting cost approximations on the work.

This would be our "forever" home, so I know the work would be worth it. I'm more or less interested in how to make the $30k stretch so we get the space we need. Definitely can do some work ourselves (demo, drywall, paint/ finish work).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!