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    Default Pondless Waterfall & Stream Project

    We have been kicking around how to incorporate a water feature in our landscaping. After a couple years of looking, planning and stalling we started our pondless waterfall and stream a couple weeks ago.

    The waterfall is two tiered and about 24" tall, the stream is about 40' long and ends at a basin that is about 5' x 8' x 3' deep (~500gal). The basin is filled with crates to take up space and create a rock free space to hold the water supply. The crates are then covered with rocks.

    A pump sends the water from the basin up to the falls via 2" pvc that is regulated via a ball valve at the falls. There is also a midstream waterfall "t"'ed off the supply to ease the pressure on the pump from turning down the ball valve at the upper falls. The midstream falls also has a ball valve to regulate flow.

    We chose 1-3 Gray River Rock for the stream & basin area, it took about 2 tons to adequately cover. We collected the larger rocks from our property, probably will use about 2 ton of those as well. We will also use about 2 ton of smaller rock over weed block as ground cover & pathway in the areas around the stream bed.

    I included a link to a photo album rather than try to upload the pics.

    It is not finished yet, maybe another two weeks of working on it depending on how much the real hot weather delays things.
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