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    Default wood floor project, help!

    We have a 97 year old house and we set out to refinish the 2 ” oak strip wood floors. Our contractor told us the stains would lighten but probably not disappear. Well, now it looks worse. The stains didn’t lighten at all and are more pronounced since the overall floor color is lighter. We do not want to stain the floors dark.

    Now we are faced with either living with the results or putting in new wood. Our contractor said we can put new wood right on top of the old, but I am suspicious of this advice. Is that advisable? What complicates things is that there is a slight hump in the center of the living room. I worry about how new straight floor boards will lay properly on top of the humped part. Won’t contractions over time of the old floor have an effect on the new wood? What about a leveling compound here? Wouldn’t we first need to analyze the joists and support strength to see if it can handle the extra weight of more floor? We also prefer 5” plank – any thoughts on trouble there?

    As you can see a fairly inexpensive refinishing job has turned into costs spiraling out of control if we want to do it correctly and I have many questions as to the correct way to proceed. I feel like we need to stop working with this contractor if he’s not thinking of everything I mentioned here. I just want to know what is advised in our circumstance. Thanks for your help.
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