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    Default Oil Stains on Pressure Treated Deck

    I recently spilled quite a bit of used cooking oil on my pressure treated deck while using my grill. Since the housing is not long term, but the deck is our main entrance, I am wondering how to make the deck look better. Can the entire deck be oiled to match the stain? Or could I possibly use an oil-based staining product to cover it? I had even considered purposely putting vegetable oil on the deck to create a kind of pattern? Any advice would be appreciated. Looking for an inexpensive fix.

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    Default Re: Oil Stains on Pressure Treated Deck

    oil is kindah permanent on wood, especially after the sun gets to it.

    As you figured out, you're looking at staining the rest to match or replacing the boards, which will look different too.

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    Default Re: Oil Stains on Pressure Treated Deck

    Clean the spots and the whole deck using a deck cleaner. TSP and a little bleach will work also. You can then oil or stain the whole deck, but I don't recommend more cooking oil! I would stick with a true oil, not one of the water based products.

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