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    Default sound proofing a bathroom

    Should a 4 piece bathroom be insulated for sound proofing?
    it is near the living room and a bedroom.
    also, the workers used metal frames, is that weird? shouldn't they have use wood. i feel it will be very loud once the water is on.
    am i wrong? need to find out asap, as the work is continuing.
    thank you for your reply.

    sorry wrong board, my 1st day,
    how do i reallocate this post?
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    Default Re: sound proofing a bathroom

    Metal studs are not all that unusual.

    You can always add insulation to the walls if you'd like. No need for any facing on the insulation.

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    Default Re: sound proofing a bathroom


    Metal studs are actually code in much multi-family housing due to fire codes.

    Definitely add some sound insulation. My master bath toilet backs up to my guest bedroom wall. When the toilet is flushed, it sounds like a tidal wave is entering the guest room! Today's plastic piping is much noisier than the cast iron of older homes. Sound insulation is different than regular thermal insulation. It is denser. Also, the tiniest crack or hole can let an unbelievable amount of noise through. There are special shields to cover electrical outlets from the back side for this reason.

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