I posted a month ago about installing a French Drain. Bit the bullet and dug all the way down to the footer...about 6 feet. Dug down an additional foot+ below the top of the footer to install the drain pipe. It travels the entire length of the front of the house and wraps around the side. On the side of the house I am installing two basement windows. This required digging out window wells about 4 feet deep. I will install drainage grates and stone in the bottom of these that will tie into the French Drain pipe. Since the French Drain runs by these two window wells the trench has been dug all the way down to the footer...I'll back fill to build up to the planned depth of the window wells. The soil at the level of the footer is a sand/gravel mix...it extends out well over 4 feet from the house. The entire area is composed of this material (Sand/rock/clay mix). You can dig it out with your hands.

If I run the drain pipe for the french drain all the way out from the house at the correct angle to maintain water flow it will have to travel well over 125 feet until it breaks above ground. The back yard slopes gently away.

Question: Since the ground below the footer is a sandy mix and water drains incredibly well, can I install a dry well next to the house? The top of the dry well will be a foot below the top of the footer and buried below about 2-3 feet of additional crushed stone. It will essentially be at the bottom outside edge of one of the window wells, about 4-5 feet out from the footer.