My AO SMith gas fired HW heater 50 gallons is closing in on 10 years of age. I'm expecting that it will be going soon. I'm doing an AC upgrade and the company also does plumbing/heating and I have been recomended to install a 40 gallon Heat Flo Indirect Water heater. Coil in the boiler and a seperate zone/circulator to the tank. I live in the NY Long Island area -family of 4 and we do run out of hot water for showers. Cost is a bit pricey 2295 installed - would like some feedback on the price. Also for 200 dollars more I can go to the 50 gallon tank. The recovery(max first hour rating gal/hr) on the 40 at 140 degrees is 215 gallons, at 115 degrees it is 284 gallons. The recovery on the 50 for the same temps is 234 and 308. Don't have a jacuzzi - would guess the 40 is enough HW? Also is this the way to go - some old time plumbers like the traditional seperate units - HW and boiler - boiler won't need to run in the summer etc. The sales guy makes the point that in the winter you make the hot water along with your heat - so no cost. What do the professional think on these points above. Cost, Brand, Size and Switching over...thanks, John