Our basement floor consists of vinyl tiles which we confirmed by testing contain a small percentage of asbestos. We have had water problems in the basement since we purchased home (1950's bungalow, 1 prior owner) 2 years ago. We had several incidents of "puddles of water" throughout basement after heavy rains. As a result, some of the floor tiles popped up or cracked. After a heavy rain, we could tell there was water trapped under the tiles b/c the tiles would make a squishing noise and sometimes move when we walked on them. We took care of the water problem by having full-blown exterior waterproofing (digging down to foundation and replacing cracked footers, etc.) and haven't had any water since. The question is now, how can we remodel the basement floor? We've been told it's best to not disturb the asbestos and just cover it up, but can we do this given the probable mold/mildew and moisture issues? How do we handle the unevenness of the floor were there are missing tiles? Should we be concerned with mold/mildew under the tiles so that we have to remove them? Doesn't that involve a costly asbestos-abatement spe******t?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!