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    Hi, I want to reno my bath room upstairs. Can someone just list the steps that I have to take in order to get this done properly.

    I want to change the tiles on floor and around bath tub, Change the bath tub, change the vanity and light fixtures.

    Now should I tile under the tub too or not? And do I need some sort of waterproof layer under my tiles or can I just tile right on the cement board/drywall and the subfloor?

    Any help would be great.


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    Instead of us telling you "how to" step by step (and there are endless steps), why don't you pick up a book (there are hundreds of them on this topic) and study a design you like ?

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    You can head on over to the John Bridge Tile Forum where you can read the extensive library, post pics of your project and get detailed information suited for your particular project.

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    warning, I did a bathroom reno in my house a few years ago. Once I started the demo, I found so many problems (I suspected them before I started) that I ended up gutting it dirt to ceiling joists. I replumbed the whole house while I was at it. It ended up taking about a year and a half and cost me over 4$k just for materials, and I reused the vanity.

    I'm glad I did it though.

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