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    Default Epoxy or polyurea?

    We have a clean poured concrete floor in the garage. We want to coat it with the most durable surface available. The home stores have epoxy and polyurea. We have been told we will still have to put rubber mats under the tires if we use epoxy. No one seems to know too much about polyurea. We live on the prairie so the floor will be challenged with mud and gravel. Which surface will hold up best?

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    Default Re: Epoxy or polyurea?

    The 2-Part epoxies are highly resistant to hot tire pick-up. It is very important to get the concrete properly prepared. This can be done either with acid etching or through physical abrasion. The pros generally use the abrasion meathod. The machines to rough up the concrete can be rented at any good tool rental store.

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