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    Default Growing Toamtoes in pots

    I have tomatoes planted in large flower pots some were alreqady planted they are growing great one plant had tomatoes already growing one started to turn red and was doing great all of a sudden tomatoe was not totally ripe it became soft and began to dry up as it was over ripeand top was still greenish yellow so two more started to turn ripe than before totally red one again started to get a soft spot and skin became loose I picked them both and put in refrigerator the one had no soft spots but after two days it began to do the same thing get real soft I cut both open the green seemed ok and tasting a small part that had rippen correctly tasted great what can I do and what is causing this to happen I have 4 other plants that had no tamatoes on them when we bought them they have flowers and are beginning to grow tomatoes so I don't want the same thing to happen. Please help any help will be great.
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