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    Default metal kitchen cabinets

    My house was built in 1940. It has painted metal cabinets and drawers (with multiple chips in the paint). I have had opinions from friends to get rid of them and to save them. any thoughts?


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    Default Re: metal kitchen cabinets


    If you want to get rid of the cabinets, head on over to


    (no I didn't make that up)

    There you will find a listing of metal cabinets and their value, along with potential customers. Hopefully they have restoration tips.

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    Default Re: metal kitchen cabinets

    I have metal cupboards and sink in the old house we bought last year. They were rusted here and there, especially inside, under the sink, but I wire brushed the rust,cleaned them all, painted them white with rustproof shiny paint and they look great! I love them!!!
    I didn't have too many dents and almost got the one big dent out, but the dents add character! At least for me. But if you sell them, someone will love them.
    I added red, square, plastic, frosted, knobs and I really think it looks good.
    Try looking up old pictures of them ****** to see how you can make them cool!

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    Default Re: metal kitchen cabinets

    I think that's awesome you refinished the old metal cabinets.. If you run into them again & want to fix the dent , try using spot bondo you can pick up at your local paint store in a tube. It works just like car bondo but its ment for the little jobs without all the headaches of mixing. Comes in the tube ready to apply.

    Good luck.
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