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    Exclamation Insulating Old Brick House

    I am buying an old brick house that was built in 1850. The brick is in great shape. I am trying to figure out the best way to insulate. Some people say that fiber gall would cause the brick to not be able to breather properly. Resulting in problems with brick not drying and freezing problems. Do not have enough money to spray foam. What are my options?

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    Default Re: Insulating Old Brick House

    When you say "brick house" from the 1850's, I would suspect that you mean a house where the brick walls are load bearing, that is they are two or more layers of brick thick as opposed to a framed house with a brick veneer (one brick thick) as done today, but I can't be sure. Please clarify. Also did you mean fiberglass instead of fiber gall?

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