We have new wiring in the room we want to add two ceiling fans in. The wire is 12/2, the breaker is a 15amp, and there are 4 outlets inline in this circuit. Typically, the most that is drawing on it is a TV and a table lamp, although in season, here may be two strands of lights also drawing on it.

We would like to install two "The Northshore" by Hunter ceiling fans (I don't have enough posts to post a link to all the specs, sorry) with no switches, just using the pull cords. The fans would be installed after the last outlet, so the second fan would be the end of the run.

Is there any problem with doing this in the above described situation? There were existing lights, but the install was...shall we say...fear inducing, and they were removed about 1 day after we closed on the Cottage. Truthfully, the entire wiring situation was a little hair raising (the entire living room, bedroom and part of the kitchen-including the fridge-were all on one breaker).