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    Default Identification of Evergreen

    I have an evergreen in my yard that I can't identify. It is about 25-30 tall, 12 feet wide at the base. It has very, very soft bluish/green needles. The photos I have are 2 big to attach to this site, but I'd be happy to email them if someone can help. It's a beautiful, full tree and has been resistent to disease. We are in Northeast PA.

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    Default Re: Identification of Evergreen

    Take your photos and leaf samples to a local nursery for identification.

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    Default Re: Identification of Evergreen

    It sounds like a Colorado Blue Spruce. They are full bodied trees with a distinct bluish color. They are native to western states but are very popular as ornamental yard trees because of the color. They do well in northern states but not in southern states.
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    Default Re: Identification of Evergreen

    A tree with soft bluish green needles that is common in your area would be a Deodar Cedar or Atlas Cedar. Pictures would help. If you have a photo processing software, you might a "save as" and select a higher compression (lower resolution) to reduce the size. You can go to the highest end of the "low" resolution scale and not see the difference on a computer screen.

    You could also upload to and then select your picture and have them reduce the resolution and/or size for you. Then use the link to post the picture, or a link to the picture here.

    More likely it is an Atlas Cedar. Google it for pictures.
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