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    Default Topsoil for hydrangeas

    I planted hydrangeas around Memorial day and they are taking a beating in the front of my house from the heat and afternoon sun. I found a shady spot in my backyard and plan to relocate them and was wondering if there was a recommended topsoil blend that will help them with the move?

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    Default Re: Topsoil for hydrangeas

    Your mistake was planting them at the beginning of summer, in a spot with too much sun.

    They need good drainage, organic topsoil, plenty of water and shade to get established. After that, you need to maintain them. make sure the new shady spot has good drainage.

    Get more information from the place you bought them.

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    Default Re: Topsoil for hydrangeas

    The pH of the soil has an affect on the color of the blooms. Most people like to plant them in acid soil for deeper blues. Peat moss is a good amendment, so is composted oak leaves. Pine straw or shredded but uncomposted Oak leaves makes a good mulch for them.

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