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    Question brick pavers over old cement steps?

    The front of our old house has a large covered porch. The steps in front of the porch are about ten feet wide and have a large decorative curved & sloped cement edge on either side. A couple of the steps have front edges that are crumbling and have been patched, but are now re-crumbling. I'd love to cover them with brick pavers. Is this feasible? Are there any special hints? Should I attempt it or hire someone?

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    Default Re: brick pavers over old cement steps?

    Howdy, the brick pavers will add inches to each step- a consideration before you go further. Consider obtaining a few bids and ask the contractors for a few different ideas. I have seen deck like encapsulation of steps with the new recycled planks that require no maintenance and last a very long time and just abandoning the old steps.

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