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    Exclamation Waterproofing exterior of an old stone foundation

    what product/process is recommended for waterproofing exterior of a stone foundation. We are putting in drainage and want to take care of this when we expose the foundation.

    Thanks for all advice

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    Default Re: Waterproofing exterior of an old stone foundation

    I'd look up hydroclay or Bentonite Injections if the foundation is not exposed. A lot of older churches and turn of the century buidings will use this method to seal up the blocks and mortar on the exterior.

    If the exterior foundation is exposed (but going to be backfilled) a product like Voclay Membrane or MiraClay can be applied but the rocks should be smoothed out first with a trowelled on bentonite/butyl rubber compound (check manufacturer's recommendations and installation instructions).

    If the interior is unfinished you'll most likely have to re-point the bad areas and these should be easy to find, just look for the hydroclay weeping through as it follows the water pathways.

    There's several manufacturers for sealers for the above grade surface, it doesn't hurt to seal up this area as well.

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    Default Re: Waterproofing exterior of an old stone foundation

    You can injected the soil with a bentonite clay/water slury and install the drain system under the floor it will take care of eater level and will pump out the water.

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