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    Default tub-shower rough in dimension question

    so looking at my drawings i notice the tub-shower drain rough in doesnt have a dimension form the main line to the trap..... (slab on grade) i also suppose that the diferent brands problebly vary there drain dimensions slightly and we havent picked out a tub-shower yet..... so the real question is what (if any) is a "safe" dimension to keep the main drain line off the wall the tub-shower drain will be. currently my drawing has the center of the 4" main line 8" off the wall line which will put the center of the p trap 6" off the inside wall line configured in a straight p trap not off set.....
    do i have to pick out my tub prior to moving forward? sorry for the questions but the plumber doesnt really answer me unless its= you tell me what you want me to do..... thanks

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    Default Re: tub-shower rough in dimension question

    A plumber who is doing rough plumbing never tells the homeowner that he would do "whatever you like". He just does everything to code.

    When bringing rough waste line to the area of the future bath drain, he stops short of the future exact location, caps the waste line, forms a 1 square foot box from 2x4s, places the box in the approximate area, supports the box with at least 4 stakes and levels the box to grade. Then fills the box with sand.

    When concrete is poured, this box remains full of sand. later, the sand is removed and the p trap is placed in the exact location. By then you will know the exact location, because you will have the actual tub.

    Sorry, but a plumber is not an interior designer. He does rough plumbing to code, and sometimes it's not exactly what the homeowner wants. Maybe when installing fixtures he can tell you this, but not rough.

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    Talking Re: tub-shower rough in dimension question

    Good explanation dj1 your right on with this one.


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