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    Default Deck over screened in porch

    I have a deck which is open to the outdoors on the second level of my house. Directly below it is a screened in porch.

    My issue is every time it rains, the water falls through the deck decking material unto the cement floor of the screened in porch and slowly, I get mold growing on the floor ad would like to avoid that . Any suggestions ? Cheaper the better

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    Default Re: Deck over screened in porch

    Is the upper deck floor sloped so runoff would drain away from house? Seems you can lay a flooring surface that would drain water to a gutter and take it away. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Deck over screened in porch

    A deck made of planks layed next to each other, will not make a good roof, even if it had the right slope. The reason: there will be too many gaps for the rain water to go thru.

    One solution: treat the deck as a flat roof and roof it accordingly.

    Note: you will still get some rain water/run off water coming in thru the screens.

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