My son recently graduated from Cornell and went to work in White Plains. He is renting an attic apartment that consists of bedroom, living room,kitchen and bathroom.He and his room mate each have window air units. My son also runs his computer along with his air unit. If all three are in use the fuse blows.The fuse box for his apartment is located in the basement along with the two lower apartments boxes.His box contains four fuses.Two 15 amp fuses and two others that are over 15 amp.One 15 amp controls power to the two bed rooms. Would it be safe to plug perhaps the computer to the kitchen outlet since it on the other 15 amp fuse.I am not sure about the laws in New York but shouldn't there be breaker boxes instead of fuses.Who would be responsible should a fire should occur? Who could he contact to have the wiring checked? Naturally the owner does not want to spend to have a professional correct the problem or even examine it.Which is foolish he stands to lose the house.Any advice.