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    Default Home Inspectors near Louisville KY

    Hello all. In the process of purchasing 96 year hold home that is reported to have been fully upgraded (plumbing, electrical, etc...) I want to do due diligence and get the proper inspections by trade:

    1) plumbing
    2) electrical
    3) structural & masonry

    Any recommendations for competent inspectors for these? Any help is much appreciated!


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    Default Re: Home Inspectors near Louisville KY

    Since the folks in this forum are from different cities, I don't think you can find what you're looking for here.

    Better sources for you will be local contractors, banks which make construction loans or even the yellow book.

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    Default Re: Home Inspectors near Louisville KY

    I would contact a structral engeener that is knowledgeable with restoration of older homes as to type of masonary and materials used for previous repairs.He should also be knowledgeable of framing for the dated home and how repairs were made.
    Along with the Engeener have an Architect with the same knowledge inspect the home He would see things different.
    Ask both of these people who in the trades would they use to check the plumbing and electrical.
    The use of in-appropriate materials maybe your biggest problem.

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