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    Default Restoring double pocket doors

    I have a house built in 1900 that has two sets of double pocket doors.
    Just recently I was able to free them up and to get them out of the wall recess.
    They don't hang from an upper rail system but instead ride on a metal floor track which is only in the wall recess.
    Now the original track my have extended further but there isn't any indication of such.
    My problem is that the doors are quite difficult to move in and out especially when the track is no longer involved.
    Both the upper and lower edges of the doors have a profile in them that corresponds to the channel or track that they respectively ride in.
    I have searched but have not found any sort of a floor track system that looks like what I have (just a piece of flat stock with a 1/4" round over in the center) plus I have the added setback of the house settling over the years and reduced opening height.
    Any insight as to how they may have originally operated and how to care for them at this point would be greatly appreciated.
    All the door hardware is there except the door handles but I am guessing they protruded out as they seem to have been removed so the doors would retract all the way and there are no recesses in the doors.

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    Default Re: Restoring double pocket doors

    Yes, the rail extended all the way across the floor of the opening. For it to function you have to find a replacement. A metal shop could fabricate something that would work if you can bring them a sample of a measured drawing. It wouldn't be an exact duplicate of the original (machined brass) but it would be functional.
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    Default Re: Restoring double pocket doors

    Thake a look at the link below....maybe yours is like one of them......


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