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Thread: Bad Plumbing???

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    Default Bad Plumbing???

    I am not comfortable with a recent plumbing job I had done to install a line from our hot water heater to an outside shower stall (in North Carolina). The cold line was already installed. Plumber used 1/2" Silver Line Pex #5306 SDR-9 from inside the house out through the sill to the shower stall. The line comes out of the heater and runs up in a curve into a recessed ceiling box (pipe is loose in the box - not fastened down with clamps or anything.) It runs through the box and exits. My questions:

    This seems to be an ok type of pipe for hot water since it has temps printed on the pipe psi @ 180 degrees. Yes?

    Should the pipe curve up to the ceiling and over or should there have been a connector and a right angle? It looks kind of strange to me....

    Should the pipe be fastened to the box somehow or is it ok to just sit there?

    There is an in-line shut-off right above the heater top, but not where the Pex pipe exits the house. Will the inside portion of the pipe drain using the spigot drain that is outside about 25 feet away? If I shut the valve right at the water heater and open the drain spigot 25 feet away, will it drain the entire portion of the pipe or will some water be left in the portion that is inside the house?

    The cold water line has a shutoff right before it exits the house.

    I had to call this plumber back to fasten the exterior portion better because it was traveling in loose loops only fastened occasionally. Now I am wondering about the rest of the job.....

    Photos attached. Need an opinion please because I am not a plumbing expert.....
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