We started an addition to our house when our children were about 2yrs and 4 yrs old. They are now 26 and 28 and we have two grandchildren.
The house is still not done.
There are no baseboards in the family room and in the bathroom.
What was once a bathroom and a porch area in the original house is now a "junk room" and storage area. The plumbing has been removed from the bathroom. We didn't want to do the work needed on it because we were going to replace it anyway. The kitchen was going to be enlarged and remodeled. That has never happened.
My entire kitchen measures 8 1/2 feet by 11 feet.
To make matters worse we have no basement. We have very little storage area.
We have windows that have no trim on them. We have a large row of windows on the south side of the house that were to be a solar collection unit which never worked right. There is also sheet rock that has never been finished and painted.
I used to tease my husband that he was going to finish it for his next wife. I friend told me to tell him that my next husband was going to finish it for me.
It may not look like much but it is paid for and it is the home where he have lived for almost 30 years and raised our family.